Welcome to ‘Nicholas Rowe Writing‘ site and blog!

As I’m writing this first introductory entry, it’s April 2020, and the world is very different to how it was last December when I was writing my last poem as a contributor for the book ‘In Living Memory’, which commemorates the 75th anniversary of Liberation of the Channel Islands from Occupation.

That poem was ‘V’, a defiant poem, with overt and covert defiance as key themes. I currently have low resistance to temptation, so I’ll drop a hint – morse code is used as a technique to explore the theme of covert defiance:


One reason that poem is often on my mind at the moment – currently as I lie in the dark in a tent in my garden in lock-down, listening to the rain and wind outside – is that it looks back to a time of adversity, when freedoms were limited, even the freedom to travel, and to leave the small island of Guernsey where I live. To a time when people in the community were strong and looked after each other. If only I could have spoken to my four month older future self!

I started writing after setting myself a goal in late 2017, to become a writer, use my creativity, and to be able to move and inspire people. (well, may as well aim high!). This goal was really just an acknowledgement of a desire I had always had, but never really taken action on before.

I love writing poetry, and shall continue to do so. However, I’ve also always wanted to branch out into other genres, especially writing fiction. This site has a blog which I shall use for various writing posts – I expect primarily short fiction pieces, although also some posts discussing my writing journey as well. Please be patient as I attempt to hone my craft!

This site will act as a general home for my writing, and has links to my two other blogs, the aforementioned poetry blog, and imagined.life, which is about envisioning how life might be different as a first step toward leading a life closer to our values and dreams.

I hope you enjoy this site, and I look forward to writing the first pieces for it’s blog.

Nicholas Rowe.

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